Watch Online The Wild Dakotas HD Movie Online

Watch Online The Wild Dakotas HD Movie Online

The Wild Dakotas 1956The Wild Dakotas 1956
iMDB Rating: 6.0

Date Released : 28 February 1956

Genre : Western

Stars : Bill Williams, Coleen Gray, Jim Davis, John Litel

Movie Quality : BluRay

Format : MKV

Size : 820 MB

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When Indian land is threatened by a take-over by white settlers, a frontiersman tries to prevent an Indian uprising.

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Review :

See Jim Davis in all his villainy in The Wild Dakotas!

Since I've been devoting the past several weeks to reviewing movies of the original "Dallas" cast in chronological order, I've encountered many of Jim Davis' old movies on Netflix streaming. Here he plays Aaron Baring, a mean captain of a wagon train who doesn't care a lick about making a fair deal with the Indians whose land he plans to claim. Good thing the hero Jim Henry (Bill Williams) knows the tribe and will do anything to keep the peace. Oh, and there's also a lady named Lucky (Coleen Gray) involved...I'll stop there and just say that this was quite a nice surprise seeing how this Western was very much pro-Native American and how much screen time Mr. Davis got here considering his previous roles mainly very much supporting for other leads. And previously seeing him being really bad before, I'd say this role fits him like a fine glove. No wonder he became the father of J.R. Ewing! So on that note, I highly recommend The Wild Dakotas. P.S. The Indian chief, Red Rock, is played by one Iron Eyes Cody, who would become later known as the one who shed a tear for a pro-environment PSA on TV during the early seventies after seeing a car pour litter on one of his roads.

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