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Reform School Girl 1957Reform School Girl 1957
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 1 August 1957

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Gloria Castillo, Ross Ford, Edd Byrnes, Ralph Reed

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A young man steals a car and ends up involved in a pedestrian fatality. The only witness is a girl he had just met. He threatens her life if she talks, so when she refuses to tell what she knows she is sent to reform school.

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Review :

Surprisingly good movie

I was expecting some cheesy, low budget, morality infomercial, but this movie was very touching and did a great job of making me care about the main characters, especially Donna. I think Gloria Castillo was a good choice to play Donna. She came across as an all-American girl who found herself in bad situations that became overwhelming. Plus, she was very pretty and easy to look at. This role was similar to her part as Ruby in Night of the Hunter, where she was a lost, teenage orphan that needed to be loved. Anyway, Gloria Castillo's performance really sucked me into Donna's world and made me care about her.

Was this film perfect? No, of course not. Some of the problems I had with it: 1) Why would Donna's uncle be afraid of some young punk - not very realistic? 2) I found the "code of silence" thing to be very frustrating. It was acceptable up to a point, but when you are facing possible death, self-preservation would kick-in and make you say or do anything to stay alive. I couldn't believe that Donna or her friend didn't "squeal" after having a baseball bat thrown at them by Jethrine (Sally Kellerman - boy, did she look AWFUL!). Again, not very realistic. 3) The newspaper article that said Donna was the one who informed the authorities about the blond girl being involved with certain crimes is ridiculous! Think about it - a person tries to be a good citizen and reports a crime and then the newspapers tell the whole world you're an informant! I wasn't alive in 1957, but I seriously doubt this would happen. What would Joe Friday say about that!?!

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