Watch Full Londra chiama Polo Nord 1956 HD Movie Online

Watch Full Londra chiama Polo Nord HD Movie Online

Londra chiama Polo Nord 1956Londra chiama Polo Nord 1956
iMDB Rating: 5.5

Date Released : 30 November 1956

Genre : Drama, War

Stars : Dawn Addams, Curd Jürgens, Folco Lulli, René Deltgen." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 930 MB

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Review :

Courteous Curt's Englandspiel

Fairly close based on the Englandspiel-episode during the Second World War. An Abwehr or Counterspy unit of the German Army (unit III-F) manages to capture an English radio-operator dropped in the occupied Netherlands. In stead of torturing or executing him, like the Gestapo surely would have done, Colonel Bernes (Curd Jürgens) treats the prisoner with respect and according to international laws.

After a while he persuades the prisoner to send a new radio message to London. As taught during his training, the British agent deliberately makes no mistakes in his message. This should have set off alarm bells across the Chanel, as he normally was supposed to make well defined mistakes at specific places in his message. Such an extra security measure is called a "security check".

To his amazement though, London goes on sending agents , weapons, munitions and all kind of goods to the Netherlands. In the meantime, a German radio operator has closely studied the way the "signature" of the British radio-operator, and is soon able to imitate his way of communicating perfectly. When a captured British agent manages to escape and to get back to England, Bernes's operation is in danger. But the German fox has other tricks on his sleeve… In real life, this Operation Nordpol was led by Major Hermann Giskes (1896-1977). His team managed to arrest 59 agents between 1941 and 1943, from which 54 were executed in September 1944.

It is still inconclusive whether the British made terrible mistakes, leading to the death of more than 40 agents, or whether they knew what had happened, but deliberately went on sending agents to the Netherlands, supposedly to mislead the Germans. Some researchers claim the idea might have been to make Berlin believe that an invasion soon would take place in Western Europe. This way London was hoping to keep as much as possible German soldiers in the Netherlands, giving the Russians more time to organize their counter offensive on the Eastern Front. As long as the British refuse to give access to all the SOE archives, the truth will remain buried. And since opening up the archives would reveal either incompetence OR incredible cynicism, it is rather unlikely that this will soon take place.

Historically relatively accurate, and an interesting movie for "completists" of 'serious' spy movies. Jürgens plays an almost father-like figure, a courteous gentlemen, just doing his job, without hate or fanaticism. Based on the German version of the movie.

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