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Aschenputtel 1955Aschenputtel 1955
iMDB Rating: 6.5

Date Released : 4 September 1955

Genre : Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music, Romance

Stars : Rita-Maria Nowotny, Renée Stobrawa, Änne Bruck, Renate Fischer." />

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Format : MKV

Size : 900 MB

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''Step Into Cinderella's Magic Slippers....

This is another German made fairy tale film, made in 1955 and released in the us by Childhood Productions in 1966. What a beautiful movie! The English Language version is rather clumsily synchronized, although the voices used for the dubbing are fine. The on location filming is lovely. But what really makes it memorable, is the new musical score, composed by Anne and Milton Delugg. Not only are the songs charming, but the orchestrations are wonderful. This is basically the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella, but the Fairy Godmother (from Perrault's tale) has been added. Goodtimes Home Video released a near mint videotape of it years ago, but it is now out of print (and it was never easy to find even when it was available). The only other release was a cassette from Republic home video(also out of print) which was missing 22 minutes, and was scratchy and splicey to boot. Ihope this film makes it to DVD soon!

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