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Dakota Incident 1956Dakota Incident 1956
iMDB Rating: 5.9

Date Released : 23 July 1956

Genre : Western

Stars : Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson, John Lund, Ward Bond

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A number of people are waiting for the stage to Laramie. Some are anxious to get there and are willing to bribe the stationmaster for tickets on the sold-out run. When the stage arrives bristling with Cheyenne arrows in it (as well as in the passengers), space becomes available and some brave souls set out on the coach. Attacked by Indians, the horses run off, the coach is burned and the survivors take refuge in a dry gully. One by one the Indians and the passengers pick each other off, until thirst and exhaustion take their toll on the three people left.

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A cool 50's Western

Dakota Incident is a curiosity for several reasons. It will be obvious from the start that it was made long before anyone ever thought of political correctness. Although, the Ward Bond character softens the edge with "maybe we can communicate with them, after all they're humans, too" type of dialogue. His part stands side-by-side with the preacher attemtping to communicate with the Martians in War of the Worlds. In fact, it's uncanny. The title is curious too. Use of the word "Incident" contributes an importance and sophistication to the film that probably didn't hurt boxoffice. The contrived assortment of characters and Linda Darnell's fancy dress and hat are wonderful dated touches that make Dakota Incident a cool western artifact from the mid-fifties.

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