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Une parisienne 1957Une parisienne 1957
iMDB Rating: 6.3

Date Released : 16 December 1957

Genre : Comedy

Stars : Charles Boyer, Henri Vidal, Brigitte Bardot, Noël Roquevert." />

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Review :

A light, charming, cheeky comedy with a lot of sass.

Bridgette Bardot, looking as sexy as ever, plays a spoiled but innocent daughter of a French Ambassador. She cons one of her father's top aides (womanizer MICHEL) into marrying her and it turns out to be the best thing for both of them. Michel is soon flirting with his old girlfriends and in order to teach him a lesson, Bridgette flirts heavily with a married PRINCE CHARLES. Michel is surprised by his jealousy. A cat-and-mouse game ensues between Brigdette and Michel ("I'll have an affair"..."No you won't"...) And finally Michel realizes she just might and vows to give up all the other ladies in his life. Bridgette and Michel settle comfortably into their happily-ever-after while Prince Charles jets home to England.

It's an admittedly light piece but it's incredibly charming. While some may fault it as a product of it's time, I found that completely enjoyable. Worthy of a rental.

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