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Nor the Moon by Night 1958Nor the Moon by Night 1958
iMDB Rating: 6.3

Date Released : 7 August 1958

Genre : Drama

Stars : Belinda Lee, Michael Craig, Patrick McGoohan, Anna Gaylor

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Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB

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Brothers compete for a woman's affection while danger lurks at every turn in an African wild game park.

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Review :

Pretty good, but....

The REAL value of this movie is the location scenes of the Kruger National Park in 1958. The decade of the 1960s marked a period of transition for the Park and the 1970s saw the game reserve transformed into a modern day tourist mecca with all desired conveniences close at hand on site. Although not apparent at the time, the 1950s was to be the swan song of the authentic KNP experience.

As a result, this movie is well worth watching to see the old, original KNP... the one that existed for 70 years before the onslaught of mass tourism.

The movie itself is of interest for its fairly refreshing and realistic take on a plot simmering beneath the raw African sun.

The more imaginative reader might well draw parallels between "Nor the Moon by Night" and "Cabaret" (1972. Can't see the connection? Then (a) watch the movie again; (b) visit the Kruger National Park today!

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